bark+biscuit was created to offer stylish, functional collars and leads for all dogs, big and little. We were able to combine our passions - pets and fashion!

The inspiration for bark+biscuit came from Alisha's Great Dane, Franklin or "FDR." As Franklin continued to get bigger, she noticed that the selection of collars that fit him got smaller. She realized that there was a need for a collar line that offered fun, functional styles for all dog sizes. Out of this realization came bark+biscuit.

Since opening in 2007, we have added two new members to the bark+biscuit team. Mary Ellyn and her pup Taz! Mary Ellyn + Taz now manage operations and order management. This is very exciting because it now allows Alisha + Franklin more time to focus on trends and designing EXCLUSIVE styles for bark+biscuit!

-Mary Ellyn, Alisha, Franklin + Taz